Yen Seafood Restaurant (燕海鲜餐厅) @ Batu Kawan

Last few weeks I have went to Yen restaurant at Batu Kawan with my colleague. I have heard this restaurant long long time ago but no chance to go, finally I have I able to go now and tested with many of their seafood as we have a lot of people.

For those has boring with tambun seafood can try this, it just neaby to Tambun. Their seafood also fresh and restaurant with air condition.


I love this part actually as we can eat the Steamed bread (Man Tou) together with the curry crab. You also can choose fried Steamed bread (炸馒头) .

We actually order 3 types of crab. No matter how the way they cook, all also nice… ^^

Address: 701, Batu Kawan, 14110 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-5872616
Alt: 019-4133379


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One comment on “Yen Seafood Restaurant (燕海鲜餐厅) @ Batu Kawan

  1. Was there yesterday, the restaurant was crowded with people, but the worker is very limited. waiting for quite some time just to get the order for the dish. Was expected to be slow. We ordered tea port tea, guess what? asking for water refill, it required to request for few times, not only that, worst is, the worker take in the tea port for refill, they cannot take out the tea port, and required to chase for few times again before get the tea port. Only manage to refill for 1 time, and the 2 time, although I requested for few times (more than 8 times), but the tea port still unable to delivery to our table. Guess what? The food is not special, yet just the normal taste. I can’t find anything that is delicious. Worst is the food there is so expensive. 2 small crab that is obviously less then 1KG, probably just 500 Gram, cost us RM 58. Will never return to this restaurant anymore.

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