Seoul Garden @ Juru Auto City

Last week was invited to the food review at Seoul Garden Juru Auto City. Thanks to Seoul Garden especially the person in charge of Auto City outlet Ms Teo who arrange the review for us.

There are few types of soup to choose and we have chosen to start with Korean Ginseng Chicken soup since Seoul Garden is based on Korean style.


Meat with many types of flavour

The most famous, Chicken Bulggogi and Coffee chicken

They told us that they having around 150 dishes, because of limited space sometime they will not place all type of dishes outside. They will switch it daily, thus sometime you might not see this. You can try request from them if want 🙂

After pick all our food, it is time for cooking

If you are too hungry can start with some “Dim Sum”, fried rice or noodle

For the drinks, it is chargeable with RM3.99 (Free flow) or you can have mineral water with RM1.99

You can request them to change the pan after grill for some time. As well as the soup, you can request to change other soup without any charges. We have get the Korean Kimchi Jjigae soup to continue.

Those who love sauce with their food, there are many types of sauces for you to choose

After those heavy food, it is time for some desert and fruit. there is a lot of topping for your ice cream and self made ice kacang. You can choose your own topping based on your favourite and creativity 🙂

After eat it is the best to have a coffee. There is no extra charges for coffee once you have pay for the drink

They have 3 VIP rooms which is open for everyone first come first serve based. Off course, you can call for booking

Price is shown as above. Remember do not waste the food as there will be charges. Anyway, wasting food is not a good habit.


Auto City
Jalan Perusahaan
Highway Auto-City
North-South Juru Interchange
13600, Perai
Tel: 604- 501 9339
Business Hours:
11.30am- 10.30pm
(HALAL Certified)


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