Indies Asian Fusion @ Tanjung Tokong Penang

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On April 16, 2014
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A special indian restaurant with drive-thru also

Recently we have found a special restaurant at Tanjung Tokong which selling Indian food. Basically you can find most of the Indian cuisine here. Roti Canai, Roti Jala, Naan, Tandoori and more!

I personally tried some of the food here and I feel that it is nice. The most important thing is the restaurant are ready with air conditional and comfortable environment. The price here are reasonable as well. Guess what, they have drive through also! This is the first restaurant that I saw which can drive through to buy Indian food.

The restaurant located at Tanjung Tokong just beside Starbucks that have drive-thru also.

Indies Asian Fusion

Indies Asian Fusion

Indies Asian Fusion

They have large space and you can conduct event such as birthday party or wedding dinner here. May contact them for the price.

Indies Asian Fusion

Indies Asian Fusion

Indies Asian FusionSpring Roll (RM1.50 per pcs)

Indies Asian FusionRoti Kosong (RM1.50)

Indies Asian FusionRoti Tisu (RM2.50)

Indies Asian FusionIdli (RM2.5)

Indies Asian FusionSpecial Tosai (RM4)

Indies Asian FusionCapatti (RM3.50)

Indies Asian FusionChicken Nasi Lemak (RM5.90)

Indies Asian FusionFish Masala (RM13.80)

Indies Asian FusionSotong Banana Leaf (RM13.50)

Indies Asian FusionPrawn Banana Leaf (14.50)

Indies Asian FusionHaryabi Kebab / Chicken Haryabi (RM6.50)

Indies Asian FusionGarlic Naan (RM3.20)

Indies Asian FusionChicken Tikka (RM7.90)

Indies Asian FusionTandoori Chicken (RM8.50)

Indies Asian FusionCheese Naan (RM3.80)

Indies Asian FusionPlain Naan Set – with Tandoori Chicken (RM11.30)

Indies Asian FusionRoti Jala (RM4.00)

Indies Asian FusionRoti Pisang/Banana (RM3.50)

Indies Asian FusionFried Sotong (RM6.90)

Indies Asian FusionIce Kacang (RM5.50)

Indies Asian FusionSirap Bandung (RM2.80)

Indies Asian FusionTeh Tarik (RM2.30)

Indies Asian Fusion

The interesting thing here is they have drive-thru! Have you ever try to drive through and purchase Roti Canai?

Indies Asian Fusion

Indies Asian Fusion

Another thing is they also provide Shisha. For those Shisha lover, here is the place to hang out also.

Indies Asian Fusion

Indies Asian Fusion

3H & 4D,
Jalan Pantai Molek,
10470 Tanjung Tokong,
Tel: 04-2270133
Photos By: KeatPhotography

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