Char Koay Teow Telur Ayam Dibasuh Sungai Dua Butterworth

Recently I have pass by a Malay store and found this which is very special. Normally there is a lot of people there waiting but this time I was lucky which not much people and I just need to wait a while.

As most of the people know, Malay Char Koay Teow and Chinese Char Koay Teow is not same. Malay one most people also call as Koay Teow Basah where is has a lot of source with the Koay Teow.

I have tested this one this is very nice and they giving a lot of large prawn. They call it Char Koay Teow Telur Ayam Dibasuh means “Washed egg fried koay teow”, I believe they refer that the egg being washed before cook. I order special Char Koay Teow and it only cost me RM5.

There is not much food to choose there, they only sell Char Koay Teow and Nasi Goreng Udang which is Prawn fried rice, very nice also.


Operating Hour: 5PM – 3AM
*Close on Wednesday
Small – RM3.50
Large – RM4.50
Special – RM5.00

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