Bukit Tambun Seafood

When we talk about seafood, here is the place where we can get fresh and cheap seafood…. Bukit Tambun. You can see a lot of seafood shop along the road when you reach Tambun. Last two days just try the seafood at Restaurant Jety. It is nice but I still prefer Restaurant Gee Seng, we not able to have it at Gee Seng caused reach there too early, the restaurant not yet open, so we try at Jety.

Restaurant Gee Seng Restaurant Jety

Restaurant Jety Tambun


Octopus Oyster

Octopus and fresh oyster… Yummy… I like to eat together with tobasco… hehe..

Sotong Nestum Mantis shrimp

Fried Sotong and Fried Nestum Mantis shrimp… This trip most of them is fried… haha…

Indian Fried Mee Fried Mee

Soft-shell crab

This one is best of the best which most of the people will order once go Tambun…. Soft-shell crab!! Softshell crabshell is a crustacean seafood that can be eaten whole if cooked shortly after molting its hard

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