Buka Puasa Buffet (Ramadan) @ Terazza Brasserie Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel


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On August 2, 2012
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A lot of Malaysia famous food can be found. The best is, it still keep the local food taste which is very nice. The price is worth it as there is a lot of choices on the food.

Have you plan the place for you to “buka puasa” today? Or tomorrow and even day after tomorrow? If not it is time for you to pick up your phone and make reservation 🙂 Yes, it is the month of Ramadan now and Grand Dorsett Hotel has hosted a buffet review for MalaysiaFood. The international buffet was great.  As it is a Ramadan buffet, the buffet actually most covered with Malaysian food. Beside Japanese Food, Italian food etc, you can find a lot of Malay Food like ‘Rendang Tok’, Fish Curry with Ladies Finger, ‘Murtabak’, Soup ‘Gear Box’, ‘Kerabu Mangga’, ‘Ayam Percik’ and more.

Grand Dorsett located at Subang Jaya which you can actually see it from the Federal Highway. For more information can check on the promotion here.

Nice decoration waiting for the coming Hari Raya.

Although the building is a bit old, but the environment is nice and clean. They keep it well.

Instead of just putting the food on the ice, the actually make a nice ice carving for the fresh prawn, oyster and mussel. The ice carving still can keep until the end of the buffet, not bad.

A lot of Japanese food like Sushi, Salmon, fresh prawn etc

Fresh Oyster

This is the first time I tried baked whole lamb and yes, it is delicious!

BBQ shell, stingray, prawn and crab

One of the famous Malay food “Kebab”

There is 2 soup to choose. Hot and Sour Szechwan Soup & Clear Chicken Soup. I have chosen the Szechwan Soup and it taste a bit like the shark fin which Chinese always have it in the wedding dinner.


Seafood Tempura and Tepanyaki (beef and chicken)


Different types of cheese to choose

Bihun soup. And the soup is called “Soup Gear Box” (bone marrow soup). The picture below is the “Gear Box”. How to drink it? See further down on the next photo how I drink it 🙂

Yes, this is the correct way to drink it. It not only drinking the soup, it drink together with the gelatinous bone marrow which is inside the bone.

This is one of the Malay dessert call “Tapai Pulut”. Seriously, I do not like the smell but I believe some might like it.

Cinnamon Vanilla Panacota

You can also find a lot of dessert here especially “Kuih” that famous in Malaysia.

Badak Berendam

A famous drink in Malaysia call “Air Bandung”. It consists of milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup. For the ice-cream, I have make some fun on it, haha… 🙂

Ice Kacang

A lot of local fruit to choose

For entertainment part, there is live ‘ghazal’ performance by ‘Kumpulan Wak Long’

The buffet actually separate to 2 part. Lower ground floor (Selera Bonda) and 1st floor ( Citarasa Malaysia). The price is different as the portion at Citarasa Malaysia is smaller.

Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
Jalan SS12/1,
Subang Jaya 47500,
Email: kl.reservations@granddorsett.com
Phone: 603-5031 6060
Fax: 603-5031 8686
Website: http://www.granddorsett.com/subang
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrandDorsettSubang

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