Big Sister Restaurant (Sister Cook) @ Pulau Tikus Penang

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On July 22, 2013
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All the taste of the food are perfect, it giving me "home cook" felling. Just the price is a bit high, but worth it.

Recently we have went to a Chinese restaurant at Pulau Tikus Penang which the boss is come from China. Their recipe is originally came from China and the most thing I like is all the material they use are high quality.

Big Sister is nearby the Pulau Tikus traffic light, next to Tong Pak Fu dessert. You can see a big shop sign writing “大姐”, which means “Big Sister” in chinese. All the dished are prepared by the boss personally and she is very stress on the quality of the food. So the price is a bit high but is it worth it as all they are using all the high quality material.

Big Sister Restaurant Penang

Big Sister PenangFirst we started with the herbal stim check wrap with aluminium paper. This is a very nice and healthy food.

Big Sister PenangWell, this dish will look like normal. But actually it is very expensive, the it contain a lot of scallops in it. It is scallop fried egg. It cost RM18 per plate. The most attractive is, it is full of scallops inside 🙂

Big Sister PenangFry chicken with potato. I like this a lot, feel the taste of home cook.

Big Sister PenangStim fish with special chilli source. The sauce was mix by the boss herself, taste very special.

Big Sister PenangThis dish are call “怪味鱼”, means fried fish with “strange smell” sauce. A special sauce made by the boss and the taste is now. Don’t know how to describe the taste, best if you go and try there 🙂

Big Sister PenangYou have tried a lot of chicken chop, but have you tried a chicken chop cook using chinese recipe, this is something like Western and chinese mixed recipe. I like this very much.

Big Sister PenangPig leg noodle. Not much special, but the pig leg is well cooked and the sauce taste nice.

Big Sister PenangFried bean sprouts (豆苗) is a famous dish among chinese. The way she cook is a bit different from Malaysia chines, it taste a bit spicy compare to our local fried bean sprouts. The spicy is originally come from the garlic.

Big Sister Penang

Big Sister PenangLastly, we served with a very nice fried rice with fried “Wan Tan”. I like the fried rice so much! Will go back the restaurant again for this!

I would say that although it is a bit pricely for this restaurant, but it worth it if you are looking for a restaurant that can really give you a “home cook” feeling.

37E, Cantonment Road,
10350, Pulau Tikus,
Penang.Business Hours: 11am to 10pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 228 2377

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