Beef Noodle @ Taxi Station Sungai Petani

Talking about beef noodle or beef koay teow, this is the best beef noodle I ever have! The soup nice, a lot of meat and the most important thing… Cheap!! I have tried few famous beef noodles in Penang but still I feel this one in Sungai Petani is the best the beef noodle is more on “quality”.

It is located at Taxi Station in Sungai Petani, which is also beside the town bus station. I believe only local people and those beef noodle’s lover know the place. For those who do not know must have a try.

I have order without noodle as I like to eat with rice. You can choose to have rice, noodle or koay teow. I have order a large size which only cost me RM8.

Normal: RM5
Large: RM8
Special: RM10

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