Beef Noodle @ Golden Happy Cafe

Yesterday looking for beef noodle in Penang. I heard that there is a famous beef noodle near Sungai Nibong there, its call Golden Happy Cafe. I have tried the beef noodle, Teluk Kumbar Prawn Noodle and Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun there. It is very nice, a nice place to have dinner. You also can find other nice food there.

Beef Noodle

Beef Noodle Beef Noodle

Beef NoodleBeef Noodle

You may chose whether you want to have noodle or rice. I order a beef soup with rice. It is very nice and the price is normal for a beef noodle.

Mee Udang Teluk Kumbar Teluk Kumbar Prawn Mee

This is the first time I tried Teluk Kumbar prawn mee. It is very tasty and very nice.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

The Chee Cheong Fun with prawn inside which we call it Hong Kong style chee cheong fun. It is not same with Malaysia chee cheong fun.

Char Koay Teow Mee Sua

There is other food around like char koay teow, western food etc.

Golden Happy Cafe

The shop is just near by the Sungai Nibong Bus station beside the main road. Same role with BSN Bank and Ayam Mas.

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  1. Good recommendation!! I just would like to share some of information here,majority of the hawker stalls were from last time Golden Bay(Jin Wan)food court. I heard some insider news,some of hawker stalls will move to new place in the coming January.

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